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What do you call video without audio?


Try this experiment at home.  Find a spooky or suspenseful movie.  Find an intense scene, close your eyes and JUST LISTEN. Repeat that scene, WATCH the same scene, but turn off the sound.  Most people are pretty amazed that the AUDIO only playback generates an emotional impact and the video … almost none.

George Lucas (think Star Wars & THX®) was RIGHT! Audio MAKES the movie!

Today’s  reality is that the sound quality of flat panels TV’s ranges from poor to dreadful.  Native TV speakers are maybe OK for watching the news, but not much else.

Our almost four decades of audio experience will help you select the correct solution to fit your needs.  We offer solutions from basic/inexpensive soundbars to mind blowing state-of-the art surround playback systems.  Even better, if you’re not a rocket scientist, we have a complete staff of installation geeks (OK, only some of them are geeks … some are just passionate about consumer electronics and thrilling customers) to design, install and configure your new system.

PrimaLuna Vacuum Tube

STEREO ONLY Solutions –

Yes, there are households that manage to exist without a television set, or if a TV is present, many prefer to focus on AUDIO only solutions.  We carry a wide range of audiophile solutions including vacuum tubed gear from Prima Luna, turntables from SOTA, phono cartridges from Grado and Denon, cabling from Audioquest and a varying selection of loudspeakers.

As computer audio becomes increasingly significant, we offer the marriage of computer audio servers coupled with a variety of digital to analog (DAC’s) converters and our perennial favorite, Sonos for streaming music into any room in your home.


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